About Us

Our Story Begins with Sassy Pants

In July 2010, my world changed forever when Sassy Pants, a delightful dachshund, entered my life. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey that led me to where I am today.

Sassy Pants isn’t just a pet; she’s the heart and soul of our website, greeting every visitor with her charming presence.

A Family Affair: From PetLand to Heartland

It all started with a visit to PetLand in Delaware, Ohio. I intended to find a dachshund for my father, who had recently lost his beloved companion. Little did I know, I would leave with not one, but three dachshunds – each finding a forever home with us. My daughter chose Mattie May, PJ (Princess Jennifer) went to my father, and Sassy Pants became my loyal friend.

A New Chapter: Post-Retirement Bliss

Retiring from The Army in 2011, I was at a crossroads. With a background in nursing and a life of service, I knew I couldn’t just sit idle. My newfound time led me to delve into the world of dachshunds, igniting a passion that went beyond mere curiosity.

The Harsh Reality of Puppy Mills

My research exposed the grim realities of puppy mills, a truth I was previously unaware of. This discovery steered me towards ethical breeding practices and the welfare of these lovely creatures. It was then I met Jasper, our first male dachshund, and the journey of ethical breeding began.

More Than Just Playtime: Our Breeding Philosophy

Breeding dachshunds and dobermans isn’t just a hobby; it’s a commitment to excellence and care. Here’s what we do for our dogs and puppies:

Pre and Postnatal Care

Our mothers receive Oxy Mate supplements, and our studs, Simba & Harry Potter, take Oxy Stud. Oxy Momma supplements aid our mothers post-birth.

Nutrition and Comfort

From heating pads to tailored diets, we provide everything necessary for their well-being.

Veterinary Oversight & Monitoring

Regular vet checkups, vaccinations, and preventive treatments are standard for our puppies. Weighing puppies at birth and regularly thereafter, we ensure their healthy growth.

Training and Socialization

As puppies grow, they are introduced to solid foods, toys, and essential training.

Our Commitment to Health and Well-being

At the heart of our breeding program is an unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of our dachshunds. We understand that a healthy dog is a happy dog, and we go above and beyond to ensure each of our furry companions receives the best possible care. From meticulous dental routines to comprehensive grooming practices, we prioritize every aspect of their well-being. Here’s a glimpse into our health and wellness practices:

Dental Care

Regular brushing and veterinary checks keep our puppies’ dental health in top shape.

Grooming and Maintenance

Weekly baths, ear cleaning, and nail trimming are part of our routine.

Ethical Breeding: A Word of Caution

Breeding is not just about producing puppies; it’s about responsible practices and ensuring the health and happiness of each dog. We advocate for spaying/neutering and educate on the benefits it brings to a pet’s lifespan.

Our Passion, Your Joy

Through our dedicated care and attention to detail, we ensure that each dachshund not only looks their best but also enjoys a high quality of life. This commitment to health and well-being is a cornerstone of our philosophy and something we take immense pride in.

Every step we take is a testament to our love for puppies and our commitment to providing them the best life possible. We invite you to join our journey and experience the joy these wonderful creatures bring.