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I bought my first dachshund Sassy Pants in July of 2010.  She is the first thing you see when you log onto my site. I walked into a PetLand in Delaware, Ohio to buy a dachshund for my elderly daddy because he had recently lost his dachshund.  Well three dachshunds later we left the store. My daughter bought Mattie May.  We bought daddy PJ (Princess Jennifer). I purchased Sassy Pants. The three girls had found their forever homes.  I retired from The Army in 2011.  I really hadn't decided what I was going to do with retirement. I had been with the Army and a Registered Nurse working critical care units and ER for so long, so I knew I couldn't just sit home and knit. Since I had some time on my hands I started dachshund research.  I soon learned about puppy mills.  I had no idea that most dogs from pet stores come from puppy mills.  I started researching small home breeders.  That's where I found my first boy Jasper.  We had are first litter in 2011.  I thought this will be a fun way to spend my time.  As i continued my research and talked to many seasoned breeders and some research veterinarians, I soon discovered that there was a lot more to do than just play with puppies.  Although, they are a lot of work, I couldn't think of a better way to spend my retirement years.  As in anything we do, I have had some hard lessons to learn, but I take from it the positive and learn from it. 
I do not recommend breeding your loving pets because so much can go wrong.  Did you know that spaying/neutering your pets increases the life span of your pet?  

I have been asked many times and many different ways:

1)  Why do your puppies cost so much?

2)  How hard is it to just breed puppies?

3). How can it possibly cost you that much to raise a puppy for only 8     

This is what we do for our dogs/puppies !

Are moms take Oxy Mate from the first day of breeding until she gives birth to her puppies.  This is a mommy dog prenatal supplement chew.
Our 2 studs Simba & Harry Potter take Oxy Stud everyday.  
We are with mom when she delivers her puppies.
We weigh each puppy at time of birth.
For the first 3-5 days we weigh the puppies twice a day.
After that we weigh them every day so we can monitor their growth.  We do this everyday until they go to their new homes.
If needed, we bottle feed every 2-4 hours as needed based on age of puppy.
Within 24 hours after the last puppy is born we take mom and puppies to get checked out by vet.
Puppies get all dewclaws removed during this visit.  Unless the puppies are really small, then we have to go back to get the dewclaws removed before 7 days old.
Mom gets shot of oxytocin to ensure nothing was left behind in the uterus. ie: placenta  And a shot of Penicillin as a precaution.
Our moms/puppies are on heating pads during the first two weeks.
They all remain in childs play area fence 3 X 6 feet with the puppies in the whelping tub.
​Mom has food and water available 24/7.   The first 1-2 weeks mom also is given a dog food pate of Pork & Venison to increase her protein intake. Twice a day.   Our moms take Oxy Momma from the day the puppies are born until she weans them.  This is a supplement that helps her recover after giving birth and increases her milk supply.
Linens Changed daily and as needed.
The 3-4 week time frame the only change is no more heating pad.
At 4 weeks the whelping tub is removed and pups are introduced to dog food (hard), toys and the pee pad.
If puppies don't do well at first with hard food, we use warm water to soften it.  If that doesn't work we use a soft pate, we mix with the softened hard food.  Every litter is just a little different from the last.
At 4 weeks they get their first vaccine for just Parvo.  We use Neo-tech brand which is the best on the market.
At 5 weeks they get second vaccine for just Parvo.
By 6 weeks most pups are close to weaning and mom spends less time with them.  By now they are doing pretty good with the pee pad.
At 6 weeks they get their 3rd vaccine which is called DA2.  It covers Distemper & Adrenovirus.  FYI the coverage is better and stronger when there are less components to a vaccine. 
At 7 weeks they get their third Parvo vaccine to complete the series of 3 vaccines of Neopar made by Neo-tech. 
4-8 weeks personalities are forming and puppies are playing with siblings and toys.
8 weeks puppy gets a 5th vaccine called a 5 in 1.  This is given by the vet the day they get their health Physical (checked out head to toe), fecal check (checking for worms and parasites), and are given their Health Certificates if the vet finds no issues.  

Our dogs get their teeth brushed 6 days a week.  Our younger dogs (up to a year) Get their teeth brushed once a week (or as needed) just to get them used to the toothbrush.  We used to have their teeth cleaned under sedation by the vet once a year BUT I just wasn't thrilled about the sedation so we decided brushing their teeth was a much healthier choice for them. Yes some resisted at first, but like anything else if you stay persistent, they do get used to it.  Many small dogs have teeth & breathe issues and trust me I believe dachshund have the worse mouths ever.  So PLEASE be a great Doxie parent and brush their teeth each day.  It only takes 3-4 minutes.  You know they are so worth your time.

Our dogs are bathed once a week and as needed and ears cleaned.
Nails cut every 2-4 weeks as needed.

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