6 Panel play yard   North States from Walmart.com or Amazon.com
2 Beds & Baby blankets  Ross Dress for Less
Toys (Kong & Dog Whisperer) are great
Pee Pads  (Four Paws). Amazon or Chewy
Pee Pad holder with pad grate  (Amazon or Walmart.com)
Water & Food dishes (heavy ceramic) Chewy.com
Harness & Lead (collars for doxies are just to carry tags, they really need the harness because of their long bodies.
Ear Cleaner, Shampoo, & Body Mist   anmpharm.com
(We use Sweet Pea)
Cotton balls & Q-tips
Finger toothbrush, regular dog toothbrush & dog toothpaste ONLY
Puppy Carrier (trips to the vet)  Top loader is BEST
Stroller (trips out). Amazon & Chewy
Some strollers are also dog carriers  TWO in ONE
Stairs for couch/bed ( Deep and Wide) or RAMP (preferred)
Pooch Pouch Front Carrier
Dog Grooming Brush
Puppy Snuggle Pet (heartbeat & warmer). Amazon
Puppy music cube.  Amazon
​Bottle of Children's Benadryl
OUT Go Here     (Spray for Pee Pad)   Amazon
OUT Bitter Cherry Chew deterrent   Amazon
Appropriate crate size if you decide to use one is 24 X 18 inches
Always make sure there is a pad and blanket in their crate.

To get the most for your money, I recommend:
Beall's Outlet

Great websites:
Amazon.com (prime)

You have purchased a new puppy and due to the excitement of the puppy coming home soon, you just might have forgotten something that you may need/want for your puppy.  I have compiled this list just as a tool that you may find helpful.
Most importantly would be the food.  I recommend Life's Abundance All Stages.  It is manufactured right here in Jupiter FL and it is shipped right to your door.  No worries about laying for months in some warehouse.  It is fresh 2-4 weeks. Order any business day by 12 noon and it arrives the next business day.  Please order right from my website, at the bottom of my "AVAILABLE PUPPY" page.  You will be taking home a week supply of this food for your puppy when you pick them up.
Only buy food & treats made in USA