Darling Doxie Dogs
AKC Heath Guarantee Contract


PARENTS _______________________ (Dam)_____________________________(Sire)

In Consideration of the puppy or adult dog being purchased, Darling Doxie Dogs provides the
following health purebred Puppy/Dog Guarantee.

1. This puppy is healthy and sound to the best of our knowledge and has had several vaccines and has been dewormed on the dates documented on the Puppy Health Record that will be given to you on the day you pick up your puppy.
2. Should the puppy display signs of a life threatening genetic birth defect that he/she cannot
live with and must be euthanized before his/her ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY. Darling Doxie Dogs will
replace the puppy with one of equal value as soon as one is available. Your Claim must be
accompanied by a written certificate from a licensed veterinarian as to his/her diagnosis of
such genetic birth defects and his/her recommendation of euthanasia. We, the seller have a
right to verify this by getting a second opinion from a licensed veterinarian of our choosing.
You also have a FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE, if you continue your dog or puppy on Life's Abundance All Stages  Dog food.  If your puppy dies, I will give you a new puppy of equal value as soon as one comes available.  You must also have documented proof from your vet that your puppy or dog has had proper vet care and received all vaccines as required.  My vet will review all of your vet records.  EXCEPTIONS; are traumatic injury or disease.  
3. This health Guarantee only covers the matter specifically set forth above in paragraph 2. The
health guarantee does not apply to any traumatic injury, disease, or illness._________Initial Here
4. Within 3 business days of the date of purchase, the buyer must have the puppy examined by a
licensed veterinarian and keep receipt of this and send back a copy to Darling Doxie Dogs
with the pre-addressed envelope provided at the time of sale
5. The Seller assumes no responsibility for the puppy after leaving the premises including all medical expenses.  You MUST return your dog/puppy to us at any time during the lifetime of the puppy/dog, if you can not any longer care for the dog or if you no longer want the dog. (NO QUESTIONS ASKED)  You agree to not rehome or place this puppy/dog in a shelter or rescue.  ____________Initial Here
6. This puppy is purebred and pedigree is correct.  The litter is registered with American Kennel Club. The puppy’s individual registration application will be provided to the buyer when payment is made in full (cash only final payment) for PET ONLY registration. This AKC registration will be Limited Registration, meaning you have NO breeding and NO show privileges.  Your puppy will be registered with AKC ($33 fee) and registered with AKC ReUnite with their microchip ($25.45 one time fee) before they leave my home.  ___________ Initial Here
7. As the buyer of this puppy you agree to feed this puppy a good quality puppy food and provide water at all times when possible. You also agree a dachshund is not an outdoor pet and you agree to provide indoor shelter away from all elements of nature. You also agree to have this puppy spayed or neutered by seven months of age unless full registration was purchased at the time of sale. Any variation from paragraph 7 forfeits this guarantee. ____________Initial Here
8. This puppy was sold with Limited registration. __________________Initial Here
9. Should any litigation arise regarding this puppy sold under this contract for any reason, you agree to try to settle this out of court and if not then you agree to pay all of Darling Doxie Dogs legal fees. _____________Initial Here
10. We do not guarantee against any external and internal parasites (to include worms) although this puppy will have been treated for that prior to leaving our premises. _______________Initial Here
11. No Guarantee on housebreaking, confirmation, color, coat, or size. _________Initial Here
12. All Sales are Final, and this is a no money back guarantee! _______________Initial Here
13. This contract is legally binding between all parties at the time of this sale. __________Initial here.

I have read the Darling Doxie Dogs Puppy Guarantee and agree to its conditions.

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Address: 14441 SW 285th St   Homestead FL 33033

Phone Number:   305-297-2444

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