Darling Doxie Dogs
Deposit Agreement Contract

Today’s Date:________________________Pick-up Date__________________________
Initial Deposit_________________.  Payment when Puppy is 5 weeks old____________
AKC Limited Registration& Microchip Registration 6 weeks old_____________________
Final payment of ___________due on puppy pick up day. ________________Initial here
*****Final Payment Must Be Made In Cash ONLY*****
Initial Deposits are absolutely non-refundable unless for some reason this puppy becomes unavailable ___________Initial here **
If for any reason you change your mind about the puppy you picked out you forfeit your entire deposit. ________Initial here**
We do not guarantee size, color, coat, confirmation, and housebreaking, on any puppy
we sell. ___________Initial here**
If the buyer fails to finish paying for this puppy by the pickup date, this puppy will be placed back up on my website the next day unless other arrangements have been made at least 48 hours before the puppy is scheduled to be picked up. _______Initial here**
If for any reason this puppy has to be held past the date of pick-up there will be a $15.00 boarding fee per day that must be paid at time of pick up and we will not hold a puppy past two weeks. If for some reason it goes past two weeks the puppy will be placed back up for sale and the deposit will be forfeited as it is in the best interest of the puppy involved and that is of course the main objective here at Darling Doxie Dogs is the welfare of our puppies. _____Initial here**

This contract is legally binding between all parties. **Initialhere** _________

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